Sebastian Tiew is a designer, photographer and filmmaker based in London, UK. He graduated from the Architectural Association in 2018. 

His practice is currently focused around methods of using emerging technologies to create synthetic environments that could change the way we perceive. He has also been involved in research and teaching at the AA (Summer School, Media Studies and Diploma 12), Cass School of Architecture (Unit 14), Goldsmiths (Forensic Architecture) and The Royal College of Art (ADS05). 

He has also been involved in the production of a wide range of different projects with a focus on Game Engines, 3D Modelling Software, Animation Tools, Motion Capture and Photogrammetry. 

“Angels Alone” featured on The Architecture Player  “Angels Alone” featured in the Archfilmfest 2019 Shortlist for fiction “Angels Alone” AArchitecture 36 (In)security
“Bubblebust!” AA Conversations
“Bubblebust!” AA Summer School 2018